Men Approaching and Beyond Fifty

We seldom heard people mentioned about the term “Andropause”. This would probably so because the symptom and changes is very minimal and unrecognizable since it happen over a long period of time. “Andropause” is basically a biological process occurring to a man, also aptly known as puberty in reverse.

Man that used to be active during work with extra mileage when reaching home, i.e. still able to undertake household matters, tend to the family, solving financial matters and even can pick up another part-time jobs, suddenly acted on the opposite. They now prefer to be dormant and non-committal. Often, they are more inclined to fill their time at home watching TV or just lay their back on the sofa, oblivious on what’s going around them.

When someone raised the question on the obvious changes, no logical answer is forthcoming. In fact, the respondent will turn to become more stressful.

“Andropause” is a condition that seldom get attention and never being discussed openly. Even if the issue is raised, it will be flatly ignored and various excuses were offered to evade further discussion.

The occurrence of “Andropause” is closely influenced by the diminishing testosterone level which remain a critical part of a man’s hormone system. When the testosterone level decline, the metabolism process will likewise decline and indirectly will accentuate disharmony of hormone in the human body.

Testosterone also form the natural anabolic steroid in the human body that perform invaluable function in the development of bone and muscle. Coincidentally, the main muscle component in human anatomy is the heart.

Testosterone also govern the cholesterol and blood pressure at appropriately low level whilst at the same time ensuring a healthy dose of blood supply reaches the heart. It does the function of restoration/stimulation to the blood circulation system,communicating with the hormone receptors, hence enhancing a man’s genital.

Male that experienced or suffered “Adropause” normally refute the occurrence as mere aging process but more often than not it is caused by depleting testosterone level.

The obvious symptoms are :

  1. Tiredness.
  2. Deterioration of muscle mass despite continuing exercise.
  3. Absence of early morning genital erection.
  4. Bulging stomach.
  5. Frequent sickness and contracting critical illnesses.

It is disheartening to note that the emotional desire to engage in sex but constraint by inability to reach erection of the genital only causes more frustration that leads to stress. And the strange fact is, the more stress build-up, the greater the depletion towards the testosterone level.

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