Kofi 29 In Qinghai, China

Kofi 29 is well-known in some parts of China. It is now a favourite energy drink in Qinghai Province. Mr Abdullah runs a famous tea house Yuanzhen True Qing Tea (青海省源真清茗茶). Here he also serves the favourite Kofi 29 as well. When you are at Qinghai Province please visit Mr Abdullah’s tea house to enjoy Kofi 29. You can contact him at his mobile number +86 188 0972 5173.   Contact details of Mr. Abdullah            Store front       Kofi 29 is ready to be prepared in the grand  traditional style of preparing tea   Kofi 29 ready to be taken in the grand traditional style of tea drinking   Mr Abdullah shows the surrounding of his tea house in the video below

Enjoy Kofi 29 Kofi 29 For Energy


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