About Tribulus Terrestris Herbs

Tribulus Terrestris also known as “puncture vine” can be found in most temperate countries, though the plant has the ability to also grow in cold countries. Tribulus Terrestris has earned for centuries prominents of its medicinal properties through generations:

  • In Europe, for its spectacular function in resolving problem in hormone inadequacy for both gender, male and female.
  • Among Chinese herbalist, for treatment of liver, kidney and urinary tract disease, and all types of skin disorders.
  • Among Greek civilisation, a treatment for uplifting mood and as diuretic ( herbs that increase the flow of urine).
  • In India, as time-honoured medicinal treatment passed over through generations.

One of the vital medicinal aspect for which Kofi 29 had selected Tribulus Terrestris to be included as ingredient is the ability of the herbs to contribute significantly in the reproductive gland for both male and female. Tribulus has been found to stimulate the production of the hormones Testosterone, Progesterone and Estrogen only to the normal levels of healthy men and women.
Under clinical environment, the herbs demonstrate improved testosterone levels, increased sperm production and improved reproductive functions. In men, as with women, the hormonal system is nourished to a point of balance, and is not over stimulated.
Of notable aspect on women, the herb alleviate imbalance symptons as accuring during premenstrual or menopause. Besides nourishes the hormonal system at a balance, the herbs also increased concentrations of estradiol in women thereby improving ovulation(production of eggs to the felopian tubes), reproductive function and libido (sexual desire).
Another remarkable attribute of Tribulus Terrestris is that it has a stimulating and detoxifying effect on the liver, exerting and a major influence on cholesterol and other products of the liver. By stimulating the liver, the herbs assists in the breakdown of fats into essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins used by the human body. With the efficient functioning of the liver, lower cholesterol can be attained, hence lower blood pressure and even slimer human body figure.
The other worth mentioning attribute of the herbs is, its ability to works on stone surface to break it down, flushes out stone fragment with urinary flow without causing urinary infections by protecting the tract. Further, it prevent stone from forming again in the kidney.
Other benefits that can be acquired through consuming this herbs are :

  • Improved muscle building, stamina and endurance.
  • Treatment for gonorrhea.
  • Remedy for psoriasis (chronic skin desease).
  • Overcome certain types of cancer desease.

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